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Website Terms and Conditions

The present Terms and Conditions ("TERMS") is a legal agreement between you, the user ("USER") and Promotions à Louer.com Inc. ("LOUER.COM"), concerning the services provided by LOUER.COM via its Website ("WEBSITE").

Promotion à Louer.com Inc,
308-5879 boul. Henri-Bourassa Est
Montreal , Quebec H1G 2V1

By consulting and/or publishing any advertisement on LOUER.COM and by any consultation or use of the Website, the USER agrees to be subjected to the Terms and Conditions, and to be bound by each and every provision of the present Terms. The use of the Website by the USER is conditional upon acceptance, by the USER, of the provisions of the present Convention, including the Terms and Conditions.

LOUER.COM does not guarantee the information, services and software provided on its WEBSITE will be exempt of anomalies or errors and "bugs", neither that those could be corrected, nor that the WEBSITE will function without interruptions or breakdowns, nor that it is compatible with a material or a particular configuration other than those expressly validated by LOUER.COM. Under no circumstances will LOUER.COM be responsible for any dysfunctions attributable to third-party software, those or not incorporated into the WEBSITE or are provided with this WEBSITE. Under no circumstances will LOUER.COM be responsible for damages directly or indirectly, foreseeable or unforeseeable (including the loss of profits or opportunity) arising from the supply and/or use, or the total or partial impossibility to use the services provided on the WEBSITE. Most notably, but not limited to the preceding general points, LOUER.COM will not be responsible for any losses of income, of any losses of profits as well as any damages, caused to the USER or any person, directly or indirectly, through the use of the WEBSITE, including the renting of the goods being advertised.

LOUER.COM will take all the necessary and appropriate precautions in order to prevent any unauthorized access to the present Website, to maintain the exactitude of the data, and to ensure the correct use of the information provided by the USERS. When you provide your information to LOUER.COM, LOUER.COM will take the necessary precautions in order to establish a secure connection with your server. The credit cards numbers are used only for the treatment of the payments carried out online. Being a USER, you will receive a user name and a password in order to have access to the control panel.

Under no circumstances will LOUER.COM be responsible towards the USER and/or any persons, for the schemes, the behavior, the declarations, the terms used and any other gesture which can be made or posed by the USER or any person within the framework, directly or indirectly, by the usage of the Website of LOUER.COM.

Moreover, LOUER.COM will not be at all responsible as for the use by the USER and/or any other person, of information they will be able to obtain from the Website of LOUER.COM or by the intermediary of the aforementioned Website.

By using this website you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the linking policy. You are allowed to write the external links solely in the space provided for the links. You agree that you shall not post email addresses, urls or any external links on the property description section, and failure to do so may result in suspension of your Account.

This exoneration of responsibility applies to information of any nature, and in particular, to information of a personal nature such as an address, telephone numbers or electronic messaging address, which could be revealed within the framework of the use of the Website and the related services. LOUER.COM is exonerated from any responsibility relative to the gestures or actions that could be posed by the USER and/or any other person regarding this information, or any other information of any nature obtained by the USER and/or any other person.

LOUER.COM is committed to effectively maintain on its Website, for all the duration agreed upon at the time of the order by means of the Website of LOUER.COM or by any other agreement between the USER and LOUER.COM, any advertisement placed on the Website of LOUER.COM, regardless of the fact, by example, that the good being the subject of an advertisement can be rented within a time shorter than that for which this good was to be announced during the ordering of its publication.

No refund will be issued to the USER or any person connected with any advertisement being the subject of a publication on the Website of LOUER.COM, and that is even if the good is rented or if the advertisement relating to the good is no longer required and/or is wished, before the end of the period of publication engaged of the advertisement.

Any sale of fixed price by LOUER.COM as to the publication on its Website is final.

The publication fees of advertisements on the Website of LOUER.COM are indicated on this site. The USER must be aware of this when they place an advertisement and accept the applicable fee.

LOUER.COM reserves the right to modify the publication fees indicated on the Website at any time, without notice, being understood that such modifications will be inapplicable with the fixed prices subscribed before by the USER at LOUER.COM at the time of such modifications.

LOUER.COM may refuse to publish any advertisement without any notice, if the USER is in default to pay any amount due to LOUER.COM within thirty (30) days following the date of an issued invoice.

LOUER.COM shall not be liable for any delay in performance (clicks and/or impressions) which arises as a result of any matter beyond LOUER.COM’S control including, but not limited to viruses, hardware failures, loss of website traffic, programming defects or connection failure of the data center hosting Louer.com and Louer.ca;

The USER is responsible for the usage which will be made on the Website of LOUER.COM of their username and his password. The USER also guarantees the veracity and the exactitude of the information they provide on the site or by any other USER of their family, their associates and more generally, by any person or entity acting on their behalf.

LOUER.COM reserves the right to refuse to publish any advertisement it considers inappropriate, at LOUER.COM's sole discretion for any reason or justification in this respect. In the same way, LOUER.COM reserves the right to revise and, if it considers suitable, to ask for the USER to modify any advertisement, for or during its publication on the Website of LOUER.COM. Furthermore, free accounts are limited to FIFTY (50) listings and no listings can be doubled in a same account or across multiple accounts. LOUER.COM reserves the right to delete any doubled listings.

All the contents published on this Website is copyright-protected. The contents and the copyrights on the contents belong or are under control of PROMOTION À LOUER.COM Inc., and its logo is a registered trademark.

It is strictly forbidden to use any of the trademarks appearing on this Website or any other Website accessible via this one without the written authorization by LOUER.COM or by the holder of the rights on this trademark.

Every USER expressly guarantees to LOUER.COM that all the materials of text, photographs, drawings, trademarks or any other materials provided to LOUER.COM for publication on the accessible web pages of the Website are the property of the USER, or that this USER has the authorization of the holder of the rights concerned, to use any material concerned.

Every USER must be committed to exonerating and defending LOUER.COM, as well as its subcontractors, against any claims or against any recourse which can be brought against LOUER.COM following the use of such materials provided by the USER.

LOUER.COM will not be held responsible for any or all errors or omissions likely to occur on the Website. LOUER.COM will not be held responsible towards whoever for the errors or omissions of any nature related to the contents or the materials related to the present Website, and will grant no guarantees express or implicit on the contents or materials related to the present Website. LOUER.COM will not be held responsible for any or all losses, or any or all damages of any nature, direct or indirect, specials or fortuitous included, likely to result.

LOUER.COM gathers statistics relating to the behavior and the practices of its USERS, in order to allow us to evaluate the interest of the USERS in the various sections of this Website. The information obtained is for internal use only, with the aim of improving the contents of this Website. All this is done so that you the best optimal experience at the time of your visit to this Website and to better adapt the site to the needs of the USERS, with regards to the arrangement of the web pages and its headings.

LOUER.COM prohibits the use of our Website to send unsolicited emails to USERS. USERS who violate this provision will have their account terminated at the sole discretion of LOUER.COM.

LOUER.COM provides hyperlinks to Websites that are not managed nor controlled in any way by LOUER.COM, and access to content, products and services from third parties, including users, advertisers, affiliates and sponsors of the Website. LOUER.COM is not responsible for the quality and exactitude of the products and services, content, availability and the fulfillment of any third party Websites.

In addition, pages on LOUER.COM are optimized to be indexed on search engines; Expired or paused listings that are indexed by search engines do not display any contact information or offer any messaging capabilities. To completely remove a listing from LOUER.COM, it must be deleted. It may take some time for a listing to be removed from search engine results which is out of the control of LOUER.COM; therefore, LOUER.COM is not responsible for the total sum of any losses, costs and/or expenses, damages or inconveniences caused by the indexation of a listing.

Finally LOUER.COM grants no guarantees on other Websites to which this Website gives you access. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure that the Websites, which you choose to access, are free from any destructive elements, including viruses. You will have to refer to the policies and conditions of use appearing on those Websites regarding privacy and other topics before consulting/using them. LOUER.COM is not responsible for the information associated with these hyperlinks, no more than it can guarantee these sites and their contents.

LOUER.COM does not ensure the accuracy of any information provided by USERS. USERS shall exonerate LOUER.COM against and in respect to any damages and all claims and recourse that can be brought against LOUER.COM with regard to any information provided by the USER and broadcast on the present Website.

USERS will compensate LOUER.COM for any claims, including interest, penalties as well as any legal fees that LOUER.COM may incur due to the USER's information retrieved from LOUER.COM.

USERS will exonerate LOUER.COM and be responsible for the total sum of any losses, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney fees, related to any violations of the present provisions of the Agreement by the USER or by any other person with access to the USER's account, either through the use of the present Website, or by the broadcasting or transmission of any information or materials on the present Website by the USER by any other person with access to the USER's account.

The USERS understand that this Agreement has been negotiated in light if these limitations, and that the terms of the Agreement would have not been possible but for this limitation.

This Agreement shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Quebec, and any applicable laws of Canada. If any provision of this Agreement is found to be invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall be severed from the remainder of this Convention, which shall remain in full force and effect. The Terms and Conditions of this Agreement shall supersede all previous agreements and understanding, whether oral or written, between the parties hereto with respect to the subject matter of this Agreement.