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Student Scholarship Program Winner - January 2019

Juliette Langelier (recipient)
Juliette Langelier (recipient)

Congratulations to Juliette Langelier, Our recipient for the Louer.com scholarship awarded in of the January 2019. A sport therapy student in Concordia, Juliette wishes to follow sports teams in order to accompany them in their physical development. It's her dream to enrich her knowledge with further studies so she can help athletes perform their sport in good health and safely. Her passion for the topic has lead her to volunteering as well as picking up an intensive sport herself with more balance after an accident. We wish her good luck with all of her projects!

About our Student Scholarship Program
Louer.com's Student Scholarship is awarded to any student currently enrolled in a CEGEP, University or Trade School located in province of Québec. It is designed to help students cover not only tuition fees, but the cost of living as well - be it through paying rent or anything else that may ease the financial burden that often comes when you're a student. Applications will be accepted until December 31, 2019.

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