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Rental Glossary - R

Railroad Apartment

An apartment with a series of rooms, connecting to each other in a line. Also called a railroad flat, they typically have a hallway that runs the length of the apartment, from the front door to the back door, outside each room. The rooms may also connect directly, such as with panel doors that connect the living room to the dining room.

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Money or other payment value made by a tenant at specified intervals in exchange for the right to occupy or use the property of another.

Rent Control

A local or state government program that outlines regulation on residential lease matters such as the amount of rent that can charged, rent increases, and evictions. Rent control typically exists in large urban areas, and in some cities only certain buildings fall under rent control law.

In Quebec, rent control is provincially administered by the Régie du Logement, a specialized goverment tribunal that oversees residential lease matters.

Rent Withholding

A tenant's recourse of not paying, or partially paying, the rent. The tenant can withhold the full rent payment if the landlord has not repaired defects that make the rental unit uninhabitable, within a reasonable time after the landlord receives a written notice of the defects from the tenant.

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Rental Agreement

An written or oral contract between a tenant and a landlord. The rental agreement creates a legal relationship between the two parties, as well as establishing the terms of the tenancy, such as length of the lease and the rent amount.

In Québec, the terms of a rental agreement are subject to the rental statutes and ordinances of the government of Québec.

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Rental Application Form

A form filled out by the tenant at the request of the landlord. The rental application form is filled out prior to renting and requests information about the tenant, such as the tenant's current address, telephone number, employment history, and credit references.

However, requesting credit card information, bank account numbers, passport numbers, social insurance numbers or information about nationality or citizenship is illegal in Quebec.

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Rental Period

The length of time between rent payments, for example a week or a month.

Rental Unit

A dwelling such as an apartment, house, duplex, or condo that a landlord rents to a tenant.

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Rental Insurance

An insurance policy protecting the tenant against property losses, such as losses from theft or fire. Rental insurance also covers many unanticipated events provides coverage for displacement costs. In some places, as part of the lease the landlord may require the tenant get rental insurance.

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Repair and Deduct Remedy

A tenant's recourse of deducting from future rent the amount necessary to repair defects covered by the implied warranty of habitability. The amount deducted cannot be more than one month's rent.

Under Quebec's lease laws, the tenant cannot undertake the repair themselves for which the cost can be deducted from the rent, except in the case of a necessary and urgent repair and also in that case the tenant is not able to reach the landlord in order to inform him about the situation.

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Residential Premise

A dwelling such as a house, apartment rental, room or a mobile home, mobile home park, and mobile home space, that can be occupied by a person as a residence.

Retaliatory Eviction or Action

Actions by a landlord wanting to evict, or the wrongful eviction of, a tenant. Otherwise, they could be actions punishing a tenant because the tenant has used the repair and deduct remedy, withheld rent, or has asserted other tenant rights.

See Repair and Deduct Remedy.

Real Property

Land and any buildings erected on a property.

Real Estate

A piece of land, plus anything permanently fixed to it, including buildings, and other items attached to the structure. Unlike other types of investments, real estate is affected by factors in the immediate area where the property is located.

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