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Rental Glossary - N

Notice to Quit

A written announcement given by the landlord or the tenant to end a tenancy.

In Quebec, a rental lease can only be terminated on the agreement of both parties or in certain exceptional cases provided for by law. A landlord cannot terminate a lease before it expires, but the landlord has the right to refuse the termination a lease before its expiration, at the tenant's request.

If a tenant wished to not renew their lease, they are obligated to notify the landlord in writing at least three months before the end of the lease.

See Surrender.
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Net Lease

For this type of commercial lease, the tenant not only pays a fixed rental amount but also expenses on the rented property, including maintenance. Also called triple-net lease or net-net-net lease.

See Gross Lease.

Non-Disturbance Agreement

An agreement signed by the tenant that prevents him from being evicted if the property owner fails to pay the mortgage to the bank.