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Rental Glossary - H


A rental unit that is fit to live in. Legally speaking, "habitable" means that the rental unit is fit for human occupation and that it complies with the provincial building and health codes that materially affect tenants' health and safety.

In Quebec, the civil code (Code civil du Québec) states that one of the main obligations of the landlord "is to deliver the leased property in a good state of repair, habitable condition and clean condition" (art. 1854, 1st paragraph, art. 1910 and art. 1911 of the Code civil du Québec).

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An apartment building with many stories and an elevator. Although no exact definition exists, in general most building engineers, inspectors, architects and similar professionals agree that a high-rise is a building that is at least 75 feet (23 metres) high.

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Holdover Tenant

A tenant who remains in possession of leased property after the lease has expired.

Highest and Best Use

The value of a real property that is directly related to the use of that real property. The highest and best use of real estate property is often determined by the location, nearby properties, deed restrictions and zoning regulations. The highest and best use may or may not be the current use of the real property.

For example, a detached home, located on a busy street and surrounded by commercial property, is not fulfilling its highest and best use. Once the property is redeveloped into commercial property, it can fulfill its economic potential.

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