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Rental Glossary - E

Efficiency Apartment

A small apartment with a bathroom and a private kitchenette. Efficiency apartments are similar to studio apartments, however, the kitchen area of an efficiency apartment is smaller. In spite of this, many people use the terms "studio apartments" and "efficiency apartments" interchangeably.

Efficiency apartments are also called bachelors, 2-room apartments, or 1 1/2 apartments.

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To force out a tenant using the proper legal processes.

In order to cancel a Quebec rental lease in mid-course and evict a tenant, a landlord must apply to the Régie du Logement and prove that a "serious injury" has taken place. An example of a serious injury would be the tenant regularly making noise and disrupting the neighbours.

The Regie du Logement will then hold proceedings before the eviction procedure can be executed. Once a decision has been rendered, the parties must abide by it. If they do not, the landlord must wait until the deadlines provided for to have expired before having the decision executed.

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Eviction Notice

A written notice from the landlord or property owner to the tenant, to vacate the rental property. Landlord eviction notices are used to serve notice to the tenant to pay, vacate, repair, or have their rental space possessed by the landlord.

In Quebec, the timetable for a notice of eviction depends on the reason for the eviction. For example, a landlord may repossess the rental unit from the tenant in order to live there personally, or install a first degree relative. In this case, the eviction notice must be given at least six months before the expiry of the lease. In the case of a lease with a fixed term of more than six months; if the term of the lease is six months or less, the notice period is one month.

For more information about eviction notices, visit the Regie du Logement.

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Exclusive Agency

Where the property owner gives one company exclusive rights to market and sell the property. The appointed agent serves as a liasion, prepares a marketing plan and negotiates any and all offers.

The mutual commitment of the property owner and agent results in a focused effort throughout the entire process to ensure the best chance of selling, for the best price, in the shortest possible time.

Estoppel Certificate

A legal instrument used by the one taking out the mortgage. The property owner may require an individual leasing a property to sign an estoppel certificate. This certificate verifies the major points of the existing lease between the property owner and the tenant such as the base rent, and the lease start date and expiration.