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Montreal Neighbourhoods at a Glance

Dotted with stately greystone mansions, mini-mansions and quaint townhouses, the municipality of Westmount is one of the more affluent areas on the island of Montreal. Located just west of downtown Montreal, this predominantly English-speaking neighbourhood features many splendid residences nestled on the back streets at the elevated slopes of the Mont-Royal.

Over a hundred years ago, this municipality was originally a small farmer’s village called Côte-Saint-Antoine. In 1905, the village became the town of Westmount. The mostly residential area is entirely surrounded by the city of Montreal.

Westmount Housing

This is a city where urban convenience and country atmosphere co-exist. 19th century English-style homes and gardens share the space with a variety of Westmount condos. Although the neighbourhood is reknown for its million-dollar estates, affordable housing of all types exist for all pocketbooks.

Neighbourhoods in the central part of the island of Montreal, which includes Westmount, Plateau Mont-Royal and Old Montreal, offer mostly high- and low-rise apartments and condominums. Reasonably-priced apartments in Westmount can be found below Sherbrooke St.

In fact, many older two- and three-bedroom apartments can be found along Sherbrooke and the southern edge of the city. Good private rooms in Westmount houses can also be found in this area.

Duplexes in Westmount

Montreal duplexes remain relatively similar from one neighbourhood to the next. However, slight regional variations do exist, as is the case in Westmount. Ornate, imposing and built along the area’s more prestigious streets, duplexes in Westmount have been characterized as having middle-class pretensions.

As a way of avoiding having "working-class architecture" in the neighbourhood, the hallmark outdoor staircases of duplexes were banned. Instead, they were disguised to look like single-family homes, the effect of which can be seen in the semi-detached plexes commonly found in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG).

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