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Writing Quebec Vacation Rental Listings

Quebec vacation rentals are possibly the most sought after accommodations by tourists because they offer a level of privacy and comfort that is comparable to some of the best hotels. If you are a proud owner of a Quebec chalet or vacation home, you know all the intimate details that make your property great. The challenge is in conveying those details to prospective renters.

Writing a listing for a Quebec vacation rental is no different than advertising a product. That is, one must emphasize the attractive features through descriptive text. Spending time writing a quality online property listing can make all the difference in quickly finding a renter.

Vacation Rental Descriptions

Below are a few guidelines you should keep in mind when coming up with a vacation rental listing.

  • Include the selling points. Think of your property from the renter’s perspective. If you had 30 seconds to convince someone to stay at your Quebec vacation rental, what are some of the details they would want to know? Relate an experience that a renter would enjoy staying at your rental property.

  • Use “you” and “your”. These two words are very important because they speak directly to the reader. Write as if you are describing your property to a person in a way that would help them imagine staying there. Be sure to write in clear and complete sentences, and avoid any abbreviations.

  • Focus on your vacation rental, not the area. The prospective renter has already chosen the area they want tovisit. You need to convince them to book your Quebec vacation home. You can always write about the area further down in your description.

  • Highlight one or two amenities or qualities. Think of two things about your vacation rental that you know people will enjoy. If your property has anything out of the ordinary or special on the inside, for example a home theatre system, point in out. It’s also a good idea to take a photo as well.

  • Remove any extra words or phrases. Keep the description tightly focused by removing words and phrases that will not alter the meaning. Doing so will allow you to fit more details about your Quebec vacation rental in the same amount of space.

  • List the amenities. Even if you have the amenities checked off in the amenities section, highlight them in your listing description as well.

It is important to include as many details as possible in your vacation rental listing because there are potential renters that only look at the written description, instead of the photos or bulleted items.