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Showing Residential Rental Property to Potential Tenants

Showing a residential rental property to potential tenants can be stressful, especially if it is one that has been vacant for a while. In order to make a residential real estate interesting to potential tenants, a property owner needs to know how to showcase their property so that it can attract quality renters.

So how do you effectively “sell” your residential property? When showing a vacancy to prospective tenants, first impressions are very important. Below are certain tips that can shine a good light on your rental property and make it more attractive.

  • Make it look good from the outside. The “curb appeal” of a building is just as important as the rental property itself. If the exterior of the building looks neglected, the chances of attracting tenants are slim. Make sure that your residential rental property is well maintained and inviting enough that you can be ready to give them a tour of the grounds.

  • Clean up the interior. A dwelling that is thoroughly cleaned and maintained will be a delight to occupy. The fixtures and furnishings (if any) should be in good condition. If the dwelling is unoccupied, make sure repairs are done before opening the premises for public view. If there is carpeting present, have it professionally cleaned.

  • Know the selling points. What makes your property worth renting? Pointing out the aesthetic qualities of the premises, such as a great view, the new appliances, or the amenities that are nearby, can make a big difference.

  • Show it furnished or unfurnished. This depends on the current situation. Some people prefer to see an empty room so they can imagine how their own furniture will fit. However, if you having problems renting a vacant property, adding some furniture may help.

  • Make the setting comfortable. Make the visit of the potential tenant a comfortable one. Turn on the lights; set a comfortable room temperature. If the environment is too hot or too cold, or if the place appears too somber, the person may not stay to see the good points of the residential rental property.

  • Be prepared. Have the necessary paperwork ready for when the potential tenant is ready to sign. Make sure you have decided what security deposit or any other deposits you will require.