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Plateau Mont-Royal Centre Sud

Montreal Neighbourhoods at a Glance

The Plateau Mont-Royal Centre Sud neighbourhood lies just north of downtown, east of Mount Royal. Part of the Le Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, it is the most densely populated neighbourhood in Canada. To some, it is considered the area that best defines Montreal.

Formerly a working-class neighbourhood, the architectural beauty of the area is captivating. Brightly-coloured houses in Le Plateau characterize the area. Le Plateau duplexes and triplexes have the typical Montreal wrought-iron spiraling staircases in the front, many of which are used as comfortable resting places.

The southeast sector features splendid examples of Montreal row houses. Although built mostly for working-class and middle-class families at the turn of the 20th century, the buildings have balconies adorned with ornate iron railings and rooftops with concrete gargoyles, vases, defence turrets and flowers.

As a result of gentrification in recent years, the number of Le Plateau condos has increased.

In 1997, the American periodical Utne Reader listed the Plateau Mont-Royal as one of the 15 hippest neighbourhoods in North America.

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