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Bringing Pets to New Apartments

Finding an apartment for yourself is entirely different from finding an ideal place for your pet to live in. It is important to realize that pets have an natural fear of new surroundings, and introducing them to their new home without the proper planning can leave them stressed out.

After you have moved in, to get your dog or cat to adjust quickly and with as little anxiety as possible, here are a couple of suggestions to make their move easier.

Apartment Tips for Cats and Dogs

  • Choose a small room in the apartment rental to be the pet room, a place where he will feel secure while you're settling in. Have their favourite toys, food bowls, furniture and litter box ready before you let him out of the crate.

  • Don't let your pet go outdoors without a leash until they have adapted to their new surroundings. Count several days, up to a week for cats; dogs tend to adapt more quickly.

  • Pack a water supply from the home you're leaving. For the first few days, give your pet this water. Suddenly changing water sources can cause stomach upset in your pet and lead to dehydration.

  • Clean up accidents as quickly as possible. Pets tend to repeat behaviours in the same areas, so it's important to remove odours as quickly as possible.

Apartment Tips for Dogs

  • If you're moving to an apartment rental nearby, if possible let your dog visit your new place before moving day. Show your dog that you feel relaxed in this new environment.

  • Be sure to take your dog on a few long walks so that he gets familiar with his new neighborhood. Keep a steady schedule for walks and feedings as well.

  • If you have to be away for long periods, be sure to arrange for a sitter or invest in a roomy crate if your dog likes to chew things.

Apartment Tips for Cats

  • For the first few days, provide one room as her base with all her toys and supplies. Let your cat explore the new apartment at her own pace, one room at a time.

  • If you're moving into a duplex or a upper-level apartment, don't open any windows more than one or two inches unless they're securely screened. You cat may try to escape if not carefully watched.

  • If your cat likes to climb curtains, replace your curtains with an inexpensive tablecloth or bed sheets you don't mind sacrificing until your cat has settled in.