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Packing Fragile Items

Carefully packing your delicate and breakable items can be a challenging, albeit tiresome, aspect of moving. Well-packed goods have little chance of being damaged, and packing room by room can make unpacking and storage later much less of a chore.

Follow these steps for packing dishes, mirrors, electronic items, stemware, decorative accessories and fragile collectibles. Using these packing tips will keep your items safe and hopefully make moving easier.

  • Start by putting some kind of packing material on the bottom of the box you plan to use. This can include bubble wrap, tissue paper, packing peanuts, newspaper, or even towels. Old sheets, blankets and pillows are also good.

    If you plan to use newspapers, be careful because the newsprint may rub off and damage your valuable items. A better alternative is using specially-made packing paper.

  • Next, wrap each item into the packing material carefully. Put particularly fragile items into small, individual cardboard boxes before placing them inside the moving box.

    Be sure to put the heaviest items inside the box first, then load up the lighter items respectively. Be very careful not to place anything on top of something that may break and never pack heavy items like books with fragile objects.

  • After each layer of items, fill the empty spaces with packing material. Once the box is packed, put some more packing material on top before closing it for good. This will prevent the items from shifting inside while they are being moved, and will also help keep the moving box firm and intact.

  • What you put outside of your box can be just as important as what’s inside. Make sure to clearly indicate which side is up so that the heavier items on the bottom don't end up on the top and crush the lighter items. Don’t forget to mention “handle with care” and to label the box with what is inside and into what room it should go.

  • Electronic equipment should be packed in their original boxes if you still have them. If not, place the electronic item in a box that is slightly larger than the item itself and fill the empty spaces with packing material.

  • Special care should be taken when packing items like mirrors, framed artwork or pictures. Put packing tape over the glass in an ‘X’ or star pattern, so that the glass will stay in place if it should happen to break.

    Unframed artwork should be wrapped in bubble wrap; mirrors, artwork and pictures should be put into flat frame boxes. Don’t forget to put “Fragile” on the outside of the box.

Take the time to pack everything carefully. It is important for you to buffer the fragile items properly so that they make the journey to your new apartment rental or home safely and securely.