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Apartment Mover's Checklist

You’ve made up your mind: it's time to move to new surroundings. You used and found your perfect Montreal apartment or condo.

Whether you’re moving into your first apartment, or just a new apartment, make sure you refer to our
8-Week Apartment Movers checklist.

The checklist outlines what tasks to do within a timeline, beginning at 8 weeks then counting down to Moving Day. Depending how far you’ll be moving, some tasks may not apply to you. If time is short, two weeks worth of tasks can be done in one week.

8 weeks before moving
  • Create a "MOVE" file to store moving papers and receipts.
  • Get a floor plan of your new apartment or residence.
  • Contact moving companies and truck rental companies for estimates and moving services. Be sure to reserve well in advance as they are often sold out on key moving weekends.
  • Get renter's insurance to ensure you’re covered before, during and after the move.
7 weeks before moving
  • Have a copy of a your current credit report ready to show to potential landlords.
  • If you’re moving to a new city, get some local information.
  • Find out about schools and child care options in your new area. Make arrangements to transfer or obtain your child’s school records.
6 weeks before moving
  • Maintain a list of people you need to notify of your change of address, including your dentist and doctor.
  • If you have a pet, make a check-up appointment. Get a copy of your pet's records and get new tags (if necessary).
  • Take an objective look at what you own and decide what goes with you, gets left behind or goes into storage. Most moving companies have a maximum weight restriction. More weight means more cost.
  • Contact clubs or associations for information on transferring, selling or ending memberships.
  • Buy a lockable box and/or file box to keep important documents (i.e. passport, birth certificate, etc.) Start collecting and sorting your records. Keep adding to it as you are packing.
5 weeks before moving
  • If you need to use storage facilities, shop around, compare prices and book the space.
  • Start collecting boxes and packing supplies. If you're ordering supplies off the Internet, order them now. You can also call truck rental companies or moving companies to order supplies.
4 weeks before moving
  • Give notice to your current landlord or management company.
  • Cancel any monthly services; many require at least 30 days notice or they will be bill you for an extra month.
  • Contact utilities to and service companies arrange the date when your service can be disconnected, and if needed, the date it is to be reconnected in your new place. This can include telephone, Internet, cable, heating, water and electricity. Make sure you ask that services be disconnected after your move date.
  • Clear out any clutter. Sell or auction off items, set aside items to be donated.
  • Arrange the transfer of school records for yourself or children.
  • Check on special requirements for moving pets.
3 weeks before moving
  • Start packing. Remember to label your boxes so you can unpack with ease. Plan on carrying irreplaceable and breakables with you (jewelry, photos, home videos, herlooms, etc).
  • Make sure you returned any rented videos and library books.
  • Check dry cleaners, storage facilities and repair shops for personal items.
2 weeks before moving
  • Make lodging arrangements if traveling a long distance or if your new place is not ready to be moved into yet.
  • Verify and confirm the moving date with your new landlord.
  • If you are moving from a high rise, you may need to reserve an elevator for moving day.
  • Update your e-mail address, if necessary. Let your online friends and contacts know.
  • If you have young children, arrange for a babysitter on moving day. You’ll be able to concentrate on the move knowing your kids are safe and out of the way.
1 week before moving
  • Close or transfer your bank account(s), and get traveler's checks if needed. Clear out your safety deposit box as well, if applicable. Make sure you have money to pay movers. (Some companies accept only cash.)
  • Notify the post office, your insurance and credit card companies of your move if you haven't yet.
  • Clean your apartment thoroughly.
  • Donate your items. Remember to collect receipts for tax purposes, if applicable.
  • Back up your computer before dissembling and packing your system.
Moving Week
  • De-frost and clean your refrigerator and freezer; clean your stove.
  • Confirm your new address with the moving company.
  • Finish packing and labeling your boxes.
Moving Day
  • Do a final walk-through of your old place, checking closets, drawers, etc. Turn off all lights, lock all doors and windows, and leave the keys with your old landlord or property manager.
  • Pick up your rental truck if available. Most truck companies have pads, dollies, and last-minute packing materials available for rent or purchase.
  • Be available when the moving truck arrives. Make sure all your boxes have arrived undamaged before signing paperwork and letting the movers leave.