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Old Montreal Apartments

Imagine riding on a horse-drawn carriage in a city with 18th and 19th century residences. This is a supreme characteristic of Old Montreal. And if you own or rent an apartment in this city, you are sure to enjoy the best of modern life as well. Old Montreal invites you to come and stay here or at least spend a few days of your vacations. The apartments in Old Montreal are designed to suit the requirements of each individual, whether he is a student, or a businessman who wishes to lease an apartment Montreal for the new team member.

Short-Term Apartment Rentals in Montreal

Short-term apartments rentals in Montreal have a team of trained professionals to help make your stay comfortable and pleasant. Short-term rentals provide you with ideal apartments at affordable rates.

Montreal apartment rentals are offered at residential park side locations
or in the heart of the city.

Short-term apartments rentals in Montreal require the services of professionals who can help property owners find rental seekers and maintain the property. These trained professionals help property owners sign lease agreements for a period from six months to one year.

Short-Term Apartment Rentals for Students

Students who come to Montreal for their studies, seek apartments at rates they can afford. They usually look for apartments that are in the vicinity of their study centers or in residential areas.

Short-Term Apartment Vacationers

Tourists who visit can search for short-term apartment rentals in Montreal that are close to the nightlife. Montreal is reputed to have one of the best nightlife in the North America. And there is no traveler in the city, who would leave with unfulfilled desire. Montreal is an exciting and secure city and so almost all of us want to visit this place.

Montreal offers apartment rentals at rates much lower than the hotel rates.

Transportation in Montreal

When it comes to transport in Montreal, the city has an extensive transportation system. Montreal offers over 300 kilometers of bike paths across the city. Buses, commuter trains, and metro lines connect most of the island. All means of transport in the city, including a taxi are not very expensive.

Article published July 20th, 2009, Quebec Residential, Commercial and Vacation Rentals
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