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Dealing with Bad Neighbors

Do you have a neighbor who is being a big nuisance? Do you get irritated with your neighbor’s behavior? Yes, we all have had or are still have such neighbors who are nothing but a big pain. Living in an apartment with such neighbors can be intolerable, depriving you of the peace that you seek in your own house.

But difficulty arises when you have to deal with such neighbors who always create nuisance. Being silent about the problem is not the solution at all, and speaking about it can also create a lot of problem. So, to get rid of such situations you must find a middle way out. People are of different mentality and nature, so you must understand what is the best way to deal with them. Being authoritative cannot always work rather worsen your situation, and being polite and humble all the time also doesn't solve your problem. Hence keep your cool and approach your neighbor with a smile and simply tell them about the problem that you have been facing. Using the right words with the right tone can do wonders.

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Apartments – Too Much Noise

For instance your neighbor is playing loud music, so tell your neighbor that you are getting disturbed. Approach him at least twice or thrice, and if he doesn't listen even after that, you can escalate the issue to the landlord. If the pet dog of your neighbor is barking loudly during late night repeatedly for many days, then tell you neighbor about how much it disturbs; or if their pet dog just jumps and crosses the fence hopping around in your garden creating a mess, then invite your neighbors over your house for tea and show them what their dog has done, and they would surely keep their pets in control.

If the kids of your neighbor are being too naughty and mischievous then be nice and friendly to them first. You really have to be cautious while dealing with kids, after all, you were a child as well at one point! So try to befriend them and make them understand in a sweet way and ask them not to do things which are creating problems for you.

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Before you approach your neighbor about any issue, make sure that your issue is reasonable. The normal mundane activities which are a part of a normal person's life can be tolerated even if specifically you have a problem with it. But if the problem is such which is troubling not only you but other neighbors as well, then you may collectively go and talk about it, which would in fact leave a deeper impact. Before you raise a complain, be sure that you take care of your neighbors in the same way the way you expect them to be with you. You yourself should not do things which you expect them not to do. Remember, it is just a little bit of understanding, adjustment and a good communication which can help neighbors maintain peace and tranquility, among themselves.

You can also visit the Quebec Rental Board for more information.

Articled published July 13th, 2009 - Apartments in Montreal