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City Of Montreal

The largest city in the Canadian Province of Quebec is Montreal, which has its own culture and tradition. Even though the French community influences it largely, the residents of this city exhibit their own traditional customs. The official language followed here is French. Until 1976, it was the largest city of Canada, later on lost its position to Toronto. It was named as Ville-Marie, which means City of Mary in olden days.

City of Montreal is famous for its architecture due to which tourism is well promoted in this province. Notre-Dame de Basilica, Bonsecours Market, St. James Street, Saint Joseph Oratory and Olympic Stadium are some of the popular sight seeing places. It has a perfect blend of the old and new architecture. There are a few outstanding shows like Montreal Just for Laughs Festival and Montreal Jazz Festival, which attract thousands of people into this city every year.

People flood into Montreal for its scenic beauty,
which has become the main source of income for the residents of this place.

There are many museums situated in the city like McCord Museum of Canadian History, which have historical significance. Many people make their living by selling things at the doorsteps of these entertainment places. There are many streets developed in this area just for shopping for the tourists. Let me share with you some good news, which is the list of the upcoming events in the City of Montreal. Montreal International Jazz festival, Montreal guitar show, and Montreal just for Laughs Festival are being put up during the month of June and July. Book your Tickets now and enjoy your vacation to the maximum.

Mount Royal is located at the heart of the city and the largest green space in this city. Montreal was named after this hill, which was a natural beauty. Mount Royal Park is also situated at this site, which was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and opened in the year 1876. According to the latest census, the city contains 1,620,693 residents out of which seventy percent use French during conversation.

Montreal is an important place of commerce, technology, culture and world affairs.

The Monocle Magazine called it as the cultural capital of Canada for many centuries. It is considered as the main centre for French education other than Paris. Jazz and rock music was the favorite among people of this area. Another peculiarity of the city of Montreal is the number of churches located within its boundaries. It is knows as the city of a Hundred Bell towers or La Ville aux Cent Clochers. In one of his books, Mark Twain has mentioned about the churches in this city. He told that it was impossible for a person to throw a stone without breaking the glass pane of a church. There are many renowned cathedrals in this city, which attracts thousands towards to this lovely place.

The most popular sport in Montreal is Ice Hockey and they have their own Hockey team, Montreal Canadians. In short, City of Montreal is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy with your loved ones. It is calm and has a favorable climate.

Article published May 28th, 2009, Quebec Residential, Commercial and Vacation Rentals
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