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Renting Montreal Loft Apartments

5 reasons to move into a loft apartment

Loft apartments in Montreal are typically one simple, basic room with a bathroom. But their appeal comes from how they represent an opportunity to fully enjoy the urban surroundings. The raw charm and edgy appeal of loft apartments attracts many different types of residents, from young professionals to baby boomers. Their luxury also appeals to the style conscious and art enthusiasts.

Reasons for Loft Apartment Living

Thanks to the latest vogue for converting industrial and commercial spaces into stylish open-plan apartments, lofts have popped up all around the Montreal downtown area. If you’re contemplating the possibility of the carefree living style, below are the top 5 reasons for living in a Montreal loft apartment.

  • Urban, sleek and architecturally striking, loft apartments capture the essence of city living. Their glossy wood floors, gritty brick walls, high windows and open space are really just bonuses, when one looks at how Montreal lofts connect the renter to the activities, amenities and social life found in the heart of the city.

  • The spacious outlay of a loft gives an overwhelming sense of openess - quite a contrast to the conventional apartment. This openess also allows you to move around freely and place your furnishings anyway you like. A loft also requires minimal upkeep.

  • Montreal loft apartments join the past with the present. With elegantly designed wood floorings that carry a decade old effect, large windows, and a beige curtain sheet with graceful folds complemented with the most modern couch, you are certain to witness style at its best.

  • Some lofts offer the latest in term of appliances and amenities. Modern stainless steel appliances create a sharp contrast to the worn, historic surroundings while providing state-of-the-art convenience.

  • Another appeal to loft apartment living is the community of renters created by these units. Because lofts in Montreal tend to attract renters that have much in common. Meeting people with similar interests is definitely a perk for opting for a loft.