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Montreal Corporate Apartments

Montreal corporate apartments provide excellent accommodations for business travelers, relocated employees, or any person expected to have an extended stay in the city. Available in almost any size and often fully-furnished, corporate apartments allow relocating personnel to engage in their work without suffering the delays involved in finding suitable dwellings.

Commonly referred to as temporary housing, apartment hotels, furnished suites or serviced apartments, Montreal corporate apartments are usually located near the most convenient areas of the city like the downtown business district, major shopping malls, as well as near public transportation.

Many short-term housing rentals are managed by established property management companies. These modern apartment suites, lofts, and condo rentals are rented directly to businesses.

Corporate Apartment Rentals vs. Luxury Hotels

For people always on the move, renting a corporate apartment in Montreal instead of staying at a hotel can be the ideal solution. Unlike hotels, they are more ideally suited for long-term stays and include a standard range of amenities that you wouldn’t normally find in a hotel.

Corporate apartment units are equipped to simulate a home environment - contemporary furniture, kitchen appliances, home electronics, house wares, fireplace, washer/dryer, etc. The only utility that might not be available is long-distance telephone service.

Corporate housing rentals even offer competitive and flexible rates when compared with the typical three-star hotel. Many places offer accommodations for as brief as a weekend or a few months.

Corporate Apartments vs. Traditional Apartments

When compared to typical furnished apartments, Montreal corporate apartments offer a spacious environment with more privacy. In addition to the range of standard amenities, corporate housing suites can offer extras like a swimming pool and fitness gym.

On the other hand, furnished apartments may not be as stylishly decorated as corporate suites. You can also be charged additional fees to access similar facilities. And like all typical apartment rentals in Montreal, you may be required to sign a long-term lease.

If you are planning to stay in a city for a while, corporate housing in Montreal provides a practical, convenient and affordable way to be very comfortable. When compared to other temporary living arrangements, they offer the luxuries of a fine hotel with the comforts of home.