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Renting an Apartment in Montreal

Compared to rental housing in other major North American cities, an apartment in Montreal costs relatively very little to rent. Along with its rich cultural life and unique architectural styles, the diversity of housing and low costs of renting are two of Montreal's most valuable assets.

Quality of Life

According to a study conducted in September 2003 by Mercer Human Resource Consulting, Montreal has one of the lowest cost of living among major international cites. An international study on purchasing power conducted by the Union Bank of Switzerland also ranks Montreal very favorably.

Access to free health care, low university tuition fees, the high quality and variety of its restaurants, the vibrant nightlife and the many yearly festivals also account for its affordable and high quality of life.

Apartments in Montreal

The advantages of renting an apartment in Montreal also make it difficult to find the right one. Services such as will greatly help in your search, however rent prices and location are important to consider.

One can expect to find a one-bedroom Montreal Apartments for approximately $600 to $800 CDN per month, and between $700 to $1200 CDN per month for a two-bedroom apartment. Of course, these are just average prices, and they may vary depending on a number of factors (number of rooms, quality of apartment, nearby services, etc.).

Montreal Aptartments and Neighbourhoods

Apartments in certain neighbourhoods will be less expensive than others. Many of these neighborhoods are located in the southwest part of the island:

The greater Montreal area has always been a favorite place for those looking to rent an apartment. That's where you will also generally find the more expensive neighborhoods, such as:

Downtown Montreal mostly has large apartment buildings. The rent prices may vary from building to building, but the area is well served with public transportation and other services.

Search for Montreal Apts. with

With more people relocating to the suburbs and the construction of new developments, including renovations of abandoned factories into residential workshops and lofts, the number of available apartments in Montreal has increased over past couple of years.

To find an apartment, it's very easy to look through a newspaper or do a quick Internet search for "Montreal apts for rent". However, you'll likely end up spending hours sifting through dead links and junk sites and not finding what you're looking for.

With its sophisticated search engine linked to over 3500 apartment listings, can help in your search for the right apartment.

Learn how to perform a search or start searching for Montreal apartments for rent today.