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Apartment Rentals and Floor Planners

Often people in small apartment rentals have little room to arrange their furniture or create spacious rooms to their liking. This problem can be overcome if the furnishings are placed correctly in suitable spots, in the best and most comfortable manner possible.

Floor planners allow you to create an organized layout of your Montreal apartment. They can provide a better space arrangement that can assist in achieving a spacious look to your apartment.

Following a systematic plan created by a floor planner can prove to be tremendously effective in finding an ideal way to maximize the living space, rather than cluttering up the area with a disorganized furniture arrangement.

Measuring for your Apartment

Measuring each room accurately is an important activity that precedes floor planning and has to be carried out thoroughly before moving in. Ideally, it’s an activity that should be added to your apartment rental checklist.

The first step to creating an optimal furniture arrangement is accurately measuring each and every room in the dwelling, together with the expanse of doors, closets and windows.

With the kitchen and bathroom, measure the length and breadth of the appliances like the stove and refrigerator, as well as the sinks, counters, tub, and toilet. You’ll also need to measure the thickness of the walls. The second step is measuring all your furniture including the tables, chairs, bookshelves, cabinets, and others.

If you need to buy new pieces of furniture, measure them in order to identify the space they would occupy. One of the most common mistakes that furniture buyers make is not planning out a space in their apartment unit before they start to furnish it. As a result, the piece ends up being too big or small for the room, or blocks doorways and circulation paths.

Creating Apartment Floor Plans Online

There are a number of ways of creating an effective floor plan, from using custom software to the more cost-effective graph paper and pencil. Alternatively, there are a number of great websites that offer floor planners that are free and easy-to-use.

Jordan’s Furniture Room Planner uses generic furniture templates in their room planner, so you aren’t limited to a particular furniture design. With their floor planner, it’s very easy to place furniture and the system even includes representations of people and pets.

The Raymour & Flanigan Room Planner lets you draw up a floor plan using furniture from Raymour & Flanigan, a chain of stores from the Northeast US. Their extensive selection of furniture makes it easy to find templates that match what you’re looking for. Their Room Planner is easy to use and produces good results.

Like the first two online programs, Lane Furniture's Design-A-Room is easy to use and quite fun. You can choose whether you want to use generic furniture icons or full-color images of furniture pieces available at Lane.

Using these programs, most users with average computer skills can complete an apartment floor plan in about half an hour. And most importantly - moving a computer mouse is a lot easier than moving a couch.