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The Diversity of Montreal Apartments

Montreal has numerous buildings and units located all over. These Montreal accommodations come with diverse styles and suit every budget. The residential apartments in Montreal are located in excellent neighborhoods and thus the residents get all the top-notch facilities such as good communication; easy access to schools, hospital or markets; and fantastic vistas such as waterfronts and parks.

All these factors are quite tempting for those who
are looking for buying or renting Montreal apartments.

Montreal Detached Residential Apartments

Throughout the City of Montreal, you will find detached homes for sale. The average selling price of these detached homes is between $95,000 and $112,000. However, there are numerous properties of higher range also. Those properties feature excellent amenities and services. Some of the common detached homes for sale in Montreal are bungalow, semi-bungalow, split homes, two-storey and three-storey, summer home, mobile home, and hi-ranch.


Bungalows are totally detached from any nearby houses. These apartments are based on their own lots, a level above the ground. Bungalows are typically single family homes.


The difference between a bungalow and a semi-bungalow is that the semi-bungalows are one and a half levels above the ground compared to the “one level above ground” feature of the bungalows. These properties are also detached from any nearby apartments.

Split Homes

Split homes are based on own lots. Completely detached from any nearby buildings, these split homes stand with numerous levels above the ground. These different levels of the building are separated by small stairs.

Two-Storey & Three Storey Apartments

Two Storey and Three Storey homes are also single family dwellings. Properties that stand on two levels above the ground are called two storey homes and the properties that stand on three levels above the ground are called three storey homes. These varieties of Montreal Apartments are also separated from any adjacent construction. 

Summer Homes

There are some varieties of single family homes in Montreal that are used as seasonal residences like summer homes. Chalets and cottages are examples of summer homes in the City of Montreal.

Mobile Homes

Mobile homes are movable properties on an owned or leased land. These properties can be used permanent residence. Generally, Montreal mobile homes are connected to utilities.

Montreal Students Apartments

Montreal student-apartments consist of numerous attractive accommodations. These are generally rental properties used for short term purposes. These properties are comfortable and close to all the required facilities. Montreal is home to numerous colleges and universities such as McGill, University of Montreal, Concordia, UQAM, LaSalle College, and more. The student apartments in the city are located close to these colleges and universities. Hence, such apartments make great sense to accommodate that huge number of students in the city.

Montreal Office Accommodations

Just like the residential and student accommodations, Montreal Real Estate market also features office space accommodations. The office spaces in city come with excellent facilities, which are perfectly suitable for running diverse range of businesses. You can get a 1,000 square feet office space and also a 100,000 square feet office space in Montreal.

Whatever your requirement is, Montreal apartments have a solution. Hire an expert professional who can help you to select right kind of accommodation according to your need. This will make the process simple and economical.

Article Published May 8th, 2009, Montreal Apartments