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Montreal Apartment Rentals Instead of Hotels

For those that are always on the move, Montreal apartment rentals can be the perfect alternative to staying at a hotel. Many condos for rent, including corporate apartments, can provide the luxuries of a fine hotel with all the comforts of home.

If you are planning to stay in the city for a while, an apartment rental in Montreal can not only be easier on the pocketbook, it can help you truly experience the city like a local.

Short-Term Apartment Rental Value

Many corporate travelers prefer to rent an apartment simply because they are cost-effective, provide more space and offer a greater selection in terms of location.

With a short-term rental, you enjoy greater privacy and a larger living space. The rent can be less than the cost of a hotel room and, in some cases, tax-deductible. The kitchen of a furnished Montreal apartment rental allows you cook inexpensively for yourself, forgoing expensive room service and restaurant meals.

Many short-term apartment rentals in Montreal are usually located in the most convenient areas of the city, such as downtown, and close to public transportation. And the wide selection means you’ll have no difficulty finding a place close to work or school.

What attracts many people to short-term apartments is the flexibilty. There are places that offer accomodations for as brief as a weekend, or as long as a few months.

Finding Montreal Apartment Rentals

If you need to find a place to rent for the short-term, there are considerations that will help you decide which type of rental unit will best fit your needs.

The first is knowing how many people will need housing. If you will be alone, a studio apartment or loft will probably do. For a small family, you might want to look at furnished Montreal corporate apartments.

Something else to consider is time. If you plan to stay for less than a month, you can easily narrow down your options. For longer periods however, it's a good idea to examine the amount of living space and amenities you'll neee.

Finally, there's price and location. In larger cities expect to pay more than you would in the suburbs. If your company has allocated a certain amount for your housing expenses, take that into account as well.

For many, renting short-term Montreal apartment rentals instead of staying at hotels can be a practical, convenient and economical way to be extremely comfortable while you are in temporary working and living in the city.