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Cottage Rentals Quebec

Renting Cottages in Quebec

Cottages in Quebec are large family or group residences found among the outstanding scenic landscapes of the Gatineau Hills and Laurentian mountains. Well-known for having modern and extremely comfortable accommodations, privately-owned Quebec cottage rentals are an excellent alternative to hotel rooms.

Open almost year-round, these vacational cottages are a great base for exploring one of the 27 provincial parks. Located near many ski centres, chalet guests can enjoy a variety of winter recreational activites including downhill skiing and snowmobiling. In the summer and fall, the abundance of rivers and lakes of the Laurentians make it the ideal location for fishing and water sports.

What is a Quebec Chalet?

A typical chalet is a type of wooden villa that has a sloping roof and broadly suspended eaves. Commonly found in the Swiss Alps and other alpine regions around the world, cottages are noted for their exposed and decorative use of structural beams, balconies, and stairs. The upper floors of a chalet usually project beyond the base.

Quebec cottages can mean any lodge or detached cottage built in the unique style of Swiss cottages. At ski resorts in North America, buildings that house cafeterias and other services provided by the resort are sometimes called cottages, even though they often look nothing like the traditional Swiss lodging.

In the hospitality industry, the term 'chalet' is sometimes used to describe studio apartments that have facilities for cooking and washing. This type of chalet is an extremely popular tourist accommodations.

Quebec Cottages as Vacation Rentals

Quebec cottages can be easily booked through tour operators or private owners. They offer a variety of modern amenities that rival even the finest hotel rooms. You can often find hot tubs, home-cinemas, saunas, and outdoor pools for the summer.

Very comfortable, close to the action yet peaceful and tranquil when you need to get away and relax, Quebec cottages make for unforgettable holidays in a heavenly corner of the world.

Article Published May 8th, 2009, Cottages in Quebec