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Apartment Sizes in Quebec

Finding a place in Quebec that you like and is suitable can be a little confusing if you are not familiar with the uniquely regional way apartments in Quebec are described.

The following glossary of terms used in rental housing in Quebec should help take out some of the mystery out of your apartment search.

What is this size stuff about 1½, a 3½ etc?

Quebec apartments have the peculiarity of being described by the total number of rooms (that may include the kitchen) to indicate its size rather than the number of bedrooms. The "1/2" usually refers to the bathroom, which is considered a "half room". Each apartment has its own bathroom.

Apartment sizes come in the following options:

1½ Apartments

Also called a bachelor, studio apartment, a 2-room apartment or an efficiency. Basically, a 1 ½ apartment contains one large room with a kitchenette and a private bathroom. The bathroom is often small and located near the larger room. A 1 ½ can be comfortable enough for one person.

2½ Apartments

A small, one-bedroom apartment. 2 ½ apartments have a separate bedroom with a living room, kitchenette and bathroom. Some 2 ½ apartments are L-shaped.

This type of apartment can also have a small open alcove attached to the living room (a double room), with a separate kitchen and bathroom. The alcove may be separated by an archway that can be sectioned off. This configuration, however, is not very common. 2 ½ apartments are also called alcove studios.

3½ Apartments

Similar to a regular one-bedroom apartment. It is usually large enough to contain a separate bedroom, living room and a full kitchen. Also called a junior bedroom or convertible studio, this type of apartment can vary dramatically in size from building to building.

4½ Apartments

A two-bedroom apartment. 4 ½ apartments also have a living room, bathroom and a kitchen which may or may not be separate. The living room, kitchen and size of the bedrooms can vary widely.

Apartments 5½

Same as a 4 ½ apartment, but with an additional bedroom. A 5 ½ apartment can also be a two-bedroom with a living room, dining room and kitchen. 5 ½ apartments are also called convertible 3-bedroom.

Apartments 6½ and up:

Three or four bedrooms and up. Also called a Classic 6, this type of large unit usually consist of two full bedrooms, one smaller bedroom, a dining room, living room and a separate kitchen.

For these types of apartments, be sure to ask the property owner for the number of separate bedrooms.

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