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Apartments in Montreal Neighbourhoods

A look at the different housing types in Montreal

Multi-faceted, modest and unpretentious, Montreal is a city of neighbourhoods. Like many other cities, each neighbourhood in Montreal has its own personality, making the differences between them very apparent. The legacy and architectural styles found in each these small communities contribute to a cultural tapestry that is unique and vibrant.

These differences also extend to Montreal housing types. Their rich and varied styles - from the long lines of row houses and detached houses to the very distinctive duplexes of Montreal - span two centuries of history. They also reflect the autonomous beginnnings of many municipalities that would be annexed by the city of Montreal at the end of the 19th century.

Montreal Neighbourhoods at a Glance

Certain central area and inner-suburban neighbourhoods have a mix of housing, like Montreal-West, Hampstead and parts of Westmount, have a very wide range of housing choices, including townhouses, detached homes and apartments in Montreal. Suburban neighbourhoods like Pointe-Claire tend to have mainly semi-detached homes.

Below is a comparison of the different Montreal neighbourhoods. These pages contain brief descriptions and external links.

  • Plateau Mont-Royal – a trendy neighbourhood boasting a mix of cultures. It is considered the area that best defines Montreal.

  • Montreal Downtown – although mostly a business district, residential buildings mean there’s no shortage of available dwellings.

  • Hochelaga-Maisonneuve – a family and community-oriented area features a dense collection of residential architecture that is unique to Montreal.

  • Old Montreal – this very popular area features cobblestone streets and numerous historic homes and beautiful buildings, many of which have been converted into lofts and luxurious apartments.

  • Notre-Dame-de-Grâce (NDG) – features architecture that places them on par with luxury homes from more prestigious Montreal neighbourhoods.

  • Westmount – home to many beautiful homes, including century old greystone buildings. In spite of its reputation as a a rich neighbourhood, Westmount also offers an affordable mix of housing.