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Apartments in Montreal vs Duplexes

Pros and Cons of Montreal Apartments and Duplexes

Usually, people consider apartments and duplexes in Montrealduplexes in Montreal as one and the same thing. However, there are notable differences between the two that they often fail to recognize. Apartments are a group of related rooms, among similar sets in a building, which are designed particularly for the use of dwelling.

On the other hand, duplexes are nothing but houses having separate apartments for two families, especially with a two-storey house comprising of a complete apartment on each floor including two detached entrances.

Apartments and duplexes cater to different needs of different people. They provide certain advantages and disadvantages which are as follows:

Pros of an Apartment

  • Generally excludes maintenance costs.
  • Includes economical costs to move in, accompanied by marked incentives.
  • Lesser rent charges.
  • Achieves diminished utility bills.
  • Includes several amenities like pools, resident parties, Jacuzzis, Television, and lots more.
  • Available with fresher, better and modern arrangements.
  • Accommodates bedrooms and other furniture.
  • Provides friendly access to pets.
  • Includes flexible lease conditions.

Cons of an Apartment

  • Lacks a backyard area.
  • Usually contains no garage. However, some apartments offer garages at added costs.
  • Does not provide the actual home feeling.
  • Good chance of being situated in an unfavorable or noisy neighborhood.

Pros of a Duplexes

  • Encompasses an enormous backyard area.
  • Supplies excellent storage facilities.
  • Contains a vast garage space.
  • Successfully meets your basic requirements.
  • Offers privacy.
  • Provides home feeling.

Cons of a Duplex

  • Contains exceeding and generally added utility bills, with older HVAC.
  • Costly to move in with extreme deposits and lacking incentives.
  • Does not provide any amenities.
  • Often require at least a 12 month lease.
  • Attracts higher pet deposit charges.
  • Generates problems if not administered professionally.

Therefore, we can see that apartments and duplexes have their own specialty. While either of them can be suitable for some persons, the others might consider it as an inappropriate investment, considering its features. Consequently, it is important to first identify your needs and then search for an apartment or a duplex, the one that suits you the best!