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Apartment Sublets in Montreal

An apartment sublet provides the perfect option for those who need a place temporarily. Made available for a variety of reasons, they can be the ideal short-term housing solution if you are looking for a place for about 6 months or less than a year.

While there are plenty of long-term accomodations available, finding an apartment in Montreal through a subletter or owner for about a month or two can provide you enough time to comfortably settle down and get acquainted with the city. Subleasing an apartment can also save you a lot of money on the rent.

Finding a Great Sublet

Montreal apartment sublets can be easily found, particularly near universities where scores of students require temporary accommodations. However, finding a sublet requires you to start searching early, preferably 4-5 months ahead of time. And during the summer months, subleasing can be difficult.

When you begin your search, make sure you have a checklist of what it is you are looking for. Here are a few subletting tips yo get you started:

  • Figure out the duration of the sublease. You may have to find more than one apartment sublet if the subleasing dates don\'t match what you need.

  • Get an idea of where you want to live. Would you like to be close to school? Do you need access to public transportation? Which Montreal neighbourhoods interest you?  Once you can answer these questions, you can select an apartment sublet accordingly.

  • Learn what the average rent amount is by browsing through online apartment listings or in a newspaper. You'll be able to establish a budget and calculate how much rent you can afford.

  • Check for sublet postings at universities or colleges. Montreal has a substantial student population and many normally sublet apartments when they leave for the summer. If a rental lease is transferred to you, you usually don’t have to worry about an immediate hike in rent prices.

  • Contact the person to arrange a time to view the sublet. If you plan to stay in another city, set aside at least a week to view the various sublets. Gather as much information as you can about the place and plan consequently.

  • When visting apartment sublets, inquire about the furnishings, cleanliness, the move-in and move-out dates, the cost of utilities, and whether the building is pet-friendly.

  • Be a little flexible with your criteria while choosing a sublet. Finding a sublease according to your preferences is difficult enough. However, you should consider the duration of the sublet, the rent amount, safety of the neighborhood, location, and furniture availability as the most important points.

  • Ask if there is a security deposit and any contract to sign.

Subleasing an apartment at the start of your stay will allow you figure out the duration of your stay without having the pressure of a long-term lease. It also gives you enough time to find the best long-term accomodations in exactly the area you want to live.