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Get noticed with

Tips on improving your ad.

You want to be sure your ad gets noticed. With our "to do" list, your phone will be ringing in no time!

Keep this list close by as a reminder of what you can do to get your ad noticed.

  1. 1. People like to see photos.
    Upload the 10 images so potential renters will get a clear idea of what the property looks like - especially if there's anything special, like a nice view or big kitchen, you'd like them to notice. This will also help filter through the visitors as they'll know what to expect. So, clean up the place and take a few flattering snapshots to entice people. Pictures are quick and easy to post, so why not take advantage of this great selling tip?

  2. 2. More information is always better.
    A picture may be worth a thousand words but a good story will keep people interested. Use all the space you have to give as many details as possible about the property. You may also want to avoid abbreviations and acronyms as not everyone will understand them.

  3. 3. Describe your location.
    Not everyone knows your area as well as you do so it's important to provide a clear description of where exactly the property is located - maybe even with the use of a map - and what's around it. Often, a renter will choose a place based on what's available around it, such as: grocery stores, public transportation, clinics and any other amenities that are important to them. By providing this information, you could make your ad and property more enticing.

    What does that mean?! Who knows - but it made you keep reading. Use attractive wording and phrases to get renters to keep reading your ad. They use key words in search engines to find you so make sure your description includes these words and makes your ad pop up. With the right wording, your ad will not only come up as one of the many being browsed, it will also be remembered and maybe even followed up on.

  5. 5. Adjust pricing.
    Price is probably the biggest deciding factor for any renter. After a while, all the numbers start to look the same to them. Make yours stand out. Try seemingly odd prices, like $799 or $645 so that, as they're scrolling down the long list, someone will stop and notice the difference.

    View examples: Montreal apartments for rent

  6. 6. Make yourself available.
    Provide correct contact names and phone numbers and, when possible, provide more than one number to call. If you don't want to be called at work or during certain periods of the day, list the times during which you'll receive calls about the ad. This will also help you stay more organized and prepared for phone inquiries.

  7. 7. Use "problem-free" email addresses.
    Email can be very useful, particularly for a potential renter from out of town. Make your email address available for questions. Another interesting way to attract out-of-towners (and, in effect, receive more calls!) is to create a toll free phone number, which is fairly simple if you contact your local telephone service provider.

  8. 8. Sooner the better.
    It's never too soon to post your "For rent" ad. People like to be ready and they often sign their lease way in advance. As soon as the property is available, post it on and let it stay there for as long as it takes.

  9. 9. Be clear.
    Save yourself time and long phone calls by making your ad as clear as possible. Think about potential questions and aim to provide the answers in your ad right off the bat. This helps you avoid lengthy phone calls and bad appointments. Some common questions, which you can easily address in your ad, include:
    • How big is the place and/or how many rooms are there?
    • Any special amenities in the area?
    • What about utilities?
    • When will it be available?

  10. 10. Post a sign.
    It may seem a little old-fashioned in this age of internet and web advertising but putting up a sign, on the lawn or in the window, can enforce your online ad. This is particularly true for busy areas where the sign will get great visibility. Ask us about our offers on signs and how they can help with your rental ad.

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