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Apartment in Montreal

What are the Cost of Renting an Apartment in Montreal

When searching for the right Apartment in Montreal for you to live in, the monthly cost of this apartment will be the first deciding factor in your search for a place to stay. Whether you need to rent an apartment in Montreal for a short time or a more permanent place to stay, taking a few cost factors in mind might just change the way you look at finding the right place to stay.

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It is obvious the more people who need to be accommodated with you, the larger the apartment needs to be and if you need it to be furnished you may just as well add a few dollars extra beforehand. Another deciding factor will be what amenities you need the apartment to have. When deciding on the amenities, take into account how long you will be staying. If your apartment search is for a relatively short period of time, see if you can scale down on some of them. That influences the cost dramatically.

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Then, the factor that will wave the largest influence on your apartment in Montreal choice is the location of the apartment. Before making your choice of neighbourhood, you have to take into account how close or how far it is from your work place, are there easy access to public transport, how far are you from convenience stores, banks, hospitals and schools. Also, note that the rent payable for an apartment in the metro will cost you more than an apartment in one of the neighbouring suburbs.

Old Montreal is a highly acclaimed area with beautiful cobblestone streets and a vast collection of homes full of history and picturesque time honored architecture. A couple of these old buildings have been transformed into luxury apartments to compliment the surroundings of the area.

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Plateau Mont-Royal is regarded to be the state of the art neighborhood of Montreal. If you want to know what Montreal is all about, you need to pay a visit to Plateau Mont-Royal and see for yourself. This neighborhood might not suit most of us' budgets but it is worth taking note of. Westmount is one of the neighborhoods in Montreal where you will find affordable housing in spite of the so called "rich man neighborhood" tag it bears. It is also one of the neighborhoods where you still can find a couple of gorgeous ancient grey-stone homes.

Hochelaga-Maisonneuve is the neighborhood to live in if you have a family with kids and a dog and a cat and all those things that families are made of. Even more so if you love living in a close knit neighborhood and enjoys interacting with your community. The reason for this are speculated to be the moderate high residential density and the assortment of residential architecture you will find in Hochlage-Maisonneuve.

In the neighborhood of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, you will find structural design that can be resembled with the most up market Montreal neighborhoods. Although it may be filled with structural beauties, you will be able to afford to live there if you are prepared to pay slightly more than average.

Montreal Downtown is the predominantly a business constituency, you will not have difficulty finding an affordable yet comfortable apartment in Montreal. You might be paying a little bit more downtown because of the comfort of being centrally placed to all significant places such as schools, banks, shopping centres, hospitals and other utilities.

Article published April 28, 2009, Quebec Residential, Commercial and Vacation Rentals