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Immigrate to Quebec

The following guides are valuable to all Quebec's newcomers as they provide clear, accurate information on topics such as housing, health care, education, driving license, job search, starting a business and more. These documents will assist you through all the necessary steps required for full integration. To make your move to « La Belle Province » easier, you must be prepared before you arrive. * Please note that all immigration guides are currently offered in French only. The English versions will be available in November 2015.

Immigrer au Québec

Each year, Quebec attracts countless immigrants from all over the world. Moving to a new country can be challenging; you probably have numerous questions that need to be answered. If you do you settle into one of Quebec's vibrant cities, Immigrer au Quebec will give advice and answer any questions that you may have. This guide offers a gold mine of information on how to start your new life in Quebec, find a job or school, start a business and work/life integration.

Travailler au Québec

A useful guide is available to you in which you will find sound advice, resources and critical information to support your integration efforts. You will find job opportunities in each area as well as valuable links to employment websites with a brief description of the various careers available.

Étudier au Québec

Does the idea of studying in Quebec appeal to you or do have children old enough to attend primary school? Quebec offers a high-quality education and has many well-known universities and continues to attract students from around the world. This guide is for students and parents wishing to obtain information on Quebec 's education system from kindergarten to university. In addition, you will find tips on how to achieve academic success and a variety of resources to understand Quebec 's education system.

Entreprendre au Québec

You may be one of the best entrepreneurs in your country, writing a clever business plan all by following the legislative and fiscal standards of a new country will be a difficult task. This is why the guide Entreprendre au Quebec provides information on the wide variety of business financing programs and offers many valuable sources to start a new successful business.

Partir au Québec

Quebec is one of the most welcoming provinces for immigrants. The benefits to reside in Quebec are numerous; dynamic economy, excellent business outlook, very good quality of life. Planning a move abroad can seem overwhelming, especially when you do not know where to start. Nevertheless, your departure must be organized carefully! For a quick integration, it is crucial to know the ways of thinking and cultural codes. This guide offers many tips to make your departure experience a breeze and to adapt quickly to Quebec 's social and cultural context.

Vivre à Montréal

The following guide provides all the information needed to get settled in Montreal. It will help you quickly become familiar with the city and what it has to offer. It contains information about important places in Montreal and provides all the information necessary to settle and live in Montreal like a true Montrealer.