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How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate

Guidance on How to be Successful in Commercial Real Estate

John Bowman uses his 30 years of experience in the real estate industry to provide real estate investors with guidance on how to be successful through his book "How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate". Bowman started his own commercial real estate company, which he runs from Portland, Oregon. His company is a great success and has attracted several partners over the years as a result. Bowman therefore knows what he is talking about when it comes to succeeding in commercial real estate.

Retail, Industrial, Office Commercial Real Estate

This book is comprehensive in its coverage of the issues involved in commercial real estate transactions. The topics cover the four main areas of specialty in commercial real estate including investment, retail, industrial, and office. There is also some information on specialties that are emerging in commercial real estate.

John Bowman shows that contrary to popular belief, you can still make a fortune from the commercial real estate industry without compromising on your integrity. He provides readers with detailed strategies to achieve their dreams of financial freedom. The topics covered include choosing a specialty in commercial real estate that best suits you, sales strategies that will ensure that you are successful in dealing with commercial property, guidance on overcoming the competition in an ever changing industry, finding the best prospects, how to focus on specific and exclusive listings, how to effectively market your property, how to determine the right rates for the rent of the property you have purchased, technical aspects of purchasing a property and various other guidelines.

Purchasing and Selling Commercial Property

John Bowman encourages readers not to rush into investments or to sell their properties. He provides tips and guidelines on both purchasing and selling commercial property. There are also a range of do's and don'ts to enable you to ensure that your property makes a handsome profit by avoiding the mistakes that many owners make.

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