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The 7 Secrets to Successful Apartment Leasing

Find Quality Renters, Fill Vacancies and Maximize Your Rental Income

If you own or manage apartments and are wondering how you to ensure that they provide a constant stream of income, you will find "The 7 secrets to Successful Apartment Leasing" very useful.

According to Eric Cumley, many people who own apartments lack the business and communication skills to ensure that they get new tenants in the shortest time possible and keep them interested enough to stay in the apartment. Through his book "The 7 Secrets to Successful Apartment Leasing", Cumley shares with readers the importance of developing sales skills in apartment management.

Cumley shares some tried and tested tips to ensure that apartment owners and managers are able to attract tenants to their apartments as well as keep them in the housing for longer. This ensures that the apartments are constantly occupied therefore providing a steady stream of income.

Secrets in the Real Estate Management Industry

Eric Cumley shares some of the oldest secrets in the apartment management industry including holding conversations on the telephone that will draw and hold the interest of prospective and current tenants; and advice on how to resolve concerns raised by tenants effectively. He also share his advice on how to obtain crucial information from your current and prospective tenants during a conversation, how to win new tenants by preparing effective presentations, and how to close a deal on a lease to ensure that your tenant is happy.

The book also includes some of the emerging issues in the apartment management industry. Cumley shows readers how to deal with these issues and ensure that they use modern technology to their advantage.

One of the main points of emphasis of the book is building a relationship of trust with your clients. Cumley insists that this is the most important factor in apartment management. This book is practical and offers various tools to help you reach your goals including a to-do list, guides, and sample scripts for practice.

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