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The Property Management Tool Kit

Information on the basic skills required for property management

Property Management Skills

Mike Beirne has had several years of experience in the real estate industry. In these years of experience he has noted one important fact: Many property owners do not realize that making money through real estate involves sound property management skills. Many people who purchase property with the aim of making a profit do not realize that there is more than simply purchasing the right apartment or commercial property. The properties with the most potential can end up making losses if they are not managed well.

"The Property Management Tool Kit" provides novice and experienced property managers and property owners with information on the basic skills required for property management. Beirne provides advice, guidance, and some tips for successful management of rental properties. The volume includes information on how to add value to your property. Beirne provides information on which improvements you should make to the property to make it more successful and which improvements should be avoided.

Market your Property Through Advertising

Beirne addresses legal issues and concerns that may result during the management of rental properties. He addresses tenant issues as well as issues to do with maintenance and administration. He provides readers with tips on managing cash flow, keeping records, and collecting rent from tenants. If you are thinking of hiring a team to assist you with property management, you will learn what you ought to look for in the property management team. Beirne also provides information on how to market your property through advertising to ensure that you get tenants and therefore have a steady stream of income.

This how-to guide also provides don'ts. Each section includes information about the common mistakes made by property managers and property owners. Beirne shows readers how to avoid these mistakes and ensure that your property is a successful investment.

The book also includes additional material such as a market survey, sample documents, criteria for rent, rules and regulations, a screening card, and a maintenance log.

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