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Happy About Apartment Management

30 Years of Expert Tips and Advice on Multifamily Property Management

Real estate investments are amongst the best investments anyone can make if you are looking for long term success. This is the view taken by the authors, all part of the Westlake Realty Group. The company has been in operation for more than 30 years and has successfully managed millions of dollars worth of rental property in that time. This book combines the experiences and knowledge of four of the company’s top executives.

Time and effort involved in property management of rental properties

According to the authors, many people who invest in real estate do so with the aim of becoming financially independent. However, many of these people end up in debt or worse because they are ill prepared for what it takes to ensure that their investment pays off. Many of these investors do not realize the time and effort that is involved in property management of rental properties.

The authors from Westlake Realty Group draw on their vast and diverse experience to provide property owners and property management professionals with a comprehensive guide for the management of property. The Westlake Realty Group has dealt with multifamily rental properties for several years. Many of the issues discussed in this book are based on the experiences and encounters of the group. The authors provide tips and guidance on how to avoid various mistakes that property owners and property managers make when it comes to multifamily rental properties.

Screen Potential Tenants

The authors provide readers with information on how to avoid economic spirals when choosing a real estate investment. They show readers how to screen potential tenants and identify those tenants that are likely to cause a problem in the long term. There is also more information on how to ensure that multifamily rental properties are not underperforming.

This book is a handy reference for those new to the industry as well as those who invest in real estate as their primary source of income.

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