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Practical And Profitable Renovations

Ian Szabo is a famous contractor and project manager whose work has been showcased in various TV programs. He is also a successful real estate investor who has spoken at various trade shows and offered guidance to many people who want to make a profit in the real estate industry.

Renovating Apartment Rentals

In "Renos to Riches", Ian Szabo showcases how to identify renovations and use them to turn rental properties into profitable investments. Szabo draws on his years of experience in renovations in the real estate industry to provide readers with a practical guide to renovations that make financial sense.

There are various key areas covered in this book. The author provides you with information on how to assess renovations and determine their costs. This information will help you determine if the cost of the renovation is worth it. You will be able to assess the financial sensibility of the residential property investment.

There are also practical guidelines on the contractual jobs. The tips in this book will help you determine exactly what is involved in contracting a job and how best to ensure that the job is done well. You will also learn to identify the jobs that you can handle by yourself. Szabo offers you guidance on how you can carry out these jobs so that they look professional.

Many home owners shy away from renovations because of the cost of the renovations. However, Szabo shows in this volume that housing renovations do not always have to be expensive. Szabo draws on his years of experience as a contractor to provide you with simple and inexpensive solutions to what may seem like difficult tasks. Szabo offers you guidance to help you save money, energy, time, and create goodwill. The tips and explanations to renovate homes for rent provided in this book will ensure that you are able to do the job right on the first try.

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