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Practical Apartment Management

Different approaches to the management of rental properties

Edward N. Kelley has been on the forefront of apartment management in the country for years. His portfolio includes the management of multimillion dollar real estate investments. He has managed more than 150 0000 apartments, millions of square feet under hotels as well as office and commercial space. He runs a property management firm that has gained a reputation within banking circles as being one of the most successful property management firms in the country.

Kelley shares more than 20 years of experience in this volume "Practical Apartment Management". This is the sixth edition of the book, which has been highly successful making it to various best-seller lists. The book is thought to be one of the most comprehensive texts on apartment management available today. It is a practical guide to apartment management and provides a lot of information on the changes experienced in the industry.

This volume covers all the basics of apartment management and provides tips that readers can apply to their careers. This sixth edition includes more information that reflects the changes that have been made in the industry since the fifth edition was published. There are therefore various new techniques and different approaches to the management of rental properties. The information provided is beneficial to both property owners and those who manage property on behalf of the owners.

The book uses a hands on approach to provide information for the successful management of rental property. Kelley covers the basics of property ownership, management of property and insuring rental property. There is also comprehensive information on how to market your property, lease the property and keep track of your residents.

The tips and guidance provided in this volume has been tried and tested. There is no better source of information on real estate than experts in the field. This book provides you with access to an expert with more than 20 years of success in the industry.

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