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Move Your Office

Relocate your business to a new premise

Ins and Outs of Commercial Real Estate Leasing

You will need all the help you can get when the time comes for you to relocate your business to a new premise. This is where Karen Warner and her book "Move Your office" come in. Karen Warner has more than 15 years of experience in the real estate industry where she specialized in commercial real estate. She therefore understands the ins and outs of commercial real estate leasing as well as relocating a business from one premise to another.

"Move Your Office" is not the first book by Karen Warner. She has written other books focusing on the real estate industry including "Office Relocation Partner" and "Winning the Office Leasing Game". Both books were successful.

Renting Office Space

"Move Your Office" covers all issues that business owners are likely to face when they decide to relocate their businesses. Karen Warner points out that one of the biggest expenses of a business is renting office space. Business owners must therefore ensure that they choose an office space that they can afford for the long term. Karen Warner draws on her experience as a broker in real estate to provide readers with tips for negotiating for a suitable lease agreement for their office space. She also provides tips on how to find the ideal office space for your business.

Thrive After your Office Relocation

Karen Warner also points out that the moving of a business requires careful planning. She takes readers through the basics of organizing for the move to finding the right movers for the business. The book contains various tips for coming up with an appropriate budget for the whole move, checklists to ensure that you don't forget anything during the hectic move as well as timelines that will help you plan your move appropriately. This book is a great investment for all those seeking to ensure that their businesses continue to thrive even after your office rental relocation.

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