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Preventative Maintenance for Multi-Family Housing

For Apartment Communities, Condominium Associations and Town Developments

Maintenance for Multi-Family Housing Rentals

Multifamily buildings are said to be the hardest and most expensive buildings to maintain. However, these properties generate a lot of income for property owners. It is therefore in the best interests of these property owners to ensure that the buildings are well maintained. This is where John C. Maciha and his book "Preventative Maintenance for Multi-Family Housing" come in.

This book puts all issues and guidelines for property management of multi-family properties in one place. Readers can therefore use this book as a helpful source of information as they continue with the management of the properties. The information provided is not abstract but has been tried and tested in properties across different communities. It is therefore possible to transfer many of the strategies and guidelines provided to any property in the country.

Property Management

Readers will learn the importance of conducting regular maintenance audits and how to conduct these audits. The guidelines for the audits include the auditing of internal and external systems of the apartment buildings.

John Maciha takes readers through the scheduling of preventive maintenance inspections and how to schedule them. Readers will learn how to monitor the repairs and implement maintenance procedures that will result in the saving of money.

According to Maciha, it is also important to understand the construction materials used so as to determine when maintenance will be required. He provides information on the wear and tear rates of different construction materials that are commonly used. Readers can select the materials best for different purposes based on the information provided.

Maciha provides guidance on how to control your apartment maintenance budget. This will ensure that you are not making a loss by spending more on repairs than you ought. The book comes with checklists for inspection and auditing of both the building and the grounds surrounding the building.

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