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Leasing Space for Small Businesses

Learn how to read and understand a lease agreement

Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business

Negotiating for leasing space for a small business involves a lot of legal issues. Many of these issues are not easy to understand for the owner of a small business. This is where "Leasing Space for Small Businesses (Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business)" comes in.

This book covers all the issues that may arise
as you negotiate for the best deal for office space.

Janet Portman and Fred S. Steingold have combined their years of experience dealing with business and tenant law to provide small business owners with a comprehensive guide to ensuring that they get the best deal when negotiating for office space for your small business.

Determine Which Office is Best for Their Business

This handbook is written in a language that is easy to understand making it possible even for those searching for their first office space to lease to understand. The main aim of the authors of the book is to ensure that readers have confidence when negotiating their leases. The authors assist readers in developing strategies that will help them in analyzing their space needs and therefore determine which office is best for their business. The authors also provide tips on how to determine the best location for small businesses. This is one of the first steps in determining where to begin your property search.

Readers will learn how to read and understand a lease agreement, take time to understand the fine print in a lease agreement, negotiate for a favorable lease agreement with the landlord who has more experience than you, deal with contractors when remodeling the office space, share space with other tenants, solving problems that may arise between you and your landlord, allocating responsibility, protecting yourself from landlords who present you with a lease that is only in their favor, and determining the cost of fixing the space.

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