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The Essential Canadian Guide To Investing In Residential Property

Investing In Apartments And Houses

Canadians are only too familiar with the name Douglas Gray. This man has helped hundreds of thousands through his books that provide comprehensive information and effective tips in small business establishment and management as well as real estate investment. He is quickly becoming a household name amongst those that are seeking to make a profit through their own businesses or investing in property.

Douglas Gray provides you with an opportunity to learn more about the real estate marketin Canada. This book provides more than theory. The tips provided within the book are practical and useful for both the novice and more experienced real estate investor in Canada.

Douglas Gray does not mince his words. He presents the pros and cons of investing in residential real estate without holding back. This book will therefore prepare you properly to become a real estate investor. The book is prepared in a way that it can be used on a consultative basis. You can keep this comprehensive volume at your side throughout your investment ventures.

Douglas Gray has worked as a lawyer and is currently a consultant and author. He draws from this experience to provide you with street smart strategies and knowledge. You will find various topics covered within the book including how to identify properties and determine their potential for investment, how to build a team for real estate management, how to manage your own housing rental, how to arrange for financing, and how to understand the real estate market and the cycles affecting it.

There are also various practical tips that will assist you as you invest in property. These include tips on negotiating, understanding legal issues, and taxation related to property as well as common mistakes made by property investors and how best to avoid them. This book is a comprehensive guide to investing in the real estate market.

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