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Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases

Learn more about negotiating commercial leases

Negotiate the Commercial Lease in your Favor

This book is a one of a kind. Unlike many books on real estate that look at the transaction from one point of view (either the landlord’s or the tenant’s point of view), this book examines the transactions from both points of view. Landlords can therefore learn more about negotiating commercial leases in their favor while considering the point of view of the tenant. The tenants will also be able to understand where their landlords are coming from and negotiate commercial leases in their favor.

This book is ideal for business owners about to sign leases, real estate professionals involved in the drafting of lease agreements as well as landlords seeking to protect their interests in the lease agreements.

The topics in the book cover various issues that are faced by both landlords and tenants when negotiating commercial leases. The differences between standard and not so standard tenant leases are covered to help landlords and tenants understand leases better. Readers will also learn what strategies are best for negotiating leases for different types of commercial space including retail shops, office space, and industrial spaces. The tips and guidelines are practical. Many of them are tried and tested and should provide readers with a good idea of how to ensure that they get the best deal possible in the lease agreement.

Standard Lease Agreements and Legal Issues

Readers will also get to go through each clause of standard lease agreements. The book contains a clause by clause explanation to make the critical economic and legal issues in each clause more apparent ensuring that readers enter into lease agreements that they fully understand.

There are also various tips on what you ought to keep an eye out for. Readers are taken through the basic arguments and the important points to dwell on while negotiating commercial leases. This book is for those who are new at obtaining commercial leases as well as those with some experience.

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