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The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan

The Proven Investment Strategies to Kick Start Your Investment Portfolio

Both Peter Kinch and Don R. Campbell are common names in the real estate and investment sectors. Peter Kinch specifically is a well known Mortgage broker. He was named Canada"s top mortgage broker in 2008 and has a track record with banks and investment that is second to none in the country. He is therefore an authority in housing investment and has spoken to various groups of people to help them learn how to invest wisely.

This book is written for both small and large investors alike. Both Peter Kinch and Don R. Campbell believe that if you want to succeed in investing in luxury, residential, commercial real estate, you must plan your investment keenly. This book is therefore written to help you develop an investment plan.

The book"s layout is such that it will give the reader the impression of attending a workshop and not reading a how to guide. The book will help you establish your goals for real estate investment. You will then be able to determine how you can reach your goals. You will also get the opportunity to reevaluate your property investment strategy and determine just what investments are right for you.

Peter Kinch points out some of the possible obstacles you may come across in your journey to success. He points out how you can overcome these obstacles and reach for your success. The book provides an action plan to help you identify financial options and solutions to them. The book has been written taking into consideration the many changes that have occurred in the real estate industry recently and how these changes will affect your investment.

This book is ideal for new investors as Don Campbell and Peter Kinch draw on years of experience in the industry to provide readers with a solid background to get them started in real estate investing.

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