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The Best Book on Apartment Property Management

Basics of identifying apartment buildings, choosing the right size and type of apartment

Many of the books in apartment and property management were written prior to the economic crisis facing many countries around the world. Moses Kagan's book "The Best Book on Apartment Property Management" however, is a post credit crunch volume. Kagan therefore covers many of the issues that are being faced by property owners and real estate investors today.

According to Kagan, there has been no better time to purchase property than now. Prices of homes and apartments have fallen as a result of the credit crunch. Many of the apartments on the market are going for what can only be termed as throw away prices. Kagan also points out that many people are selling their homes to get money to provide for their other basic needs. This therefore means that the number of renters in the country is on the increase. This is therefore the best time to own an apartment as you are assured of finding tenants fast and ensure that you have a constant stream of income.

Moses Kagan shares his experience in real estate with readers.

He shows readers how to get the best deals possible with the challenges and opportunities that the real estate industry presents today. Moses takes readers through the basics of identifying apartment buildings, choosing the right size and type of apartment or housing building, finding the funds to finance your investment, how to add value to the apartment to ensure that you get a better rate for rent or price for the sale of the apartment, and how to manage the apartment on a tight budget.

Moses Kagan shares tips and guides on management of apartments that will ensure that you make a handsome profit from your investment. This book is suitable for both the experienced and inexperienced in real estate investing. It is also a great reference book for use throughout the career of anyone in apartment or property management.

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