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Book Reviews offers book reviews by popular authors regarding investing and managing residential and commercial properties.

  • Practical Apartment Management
    This volume covers all the basics of apartment management and provides tips that readers can apply to their careers.
  • Expert Tips and Advice on Multifamily Property Management
    The authors from Westlake Realty Group draw on their vast and diverse experience to provide property owners and property management professionals with a comprehensive guide for the management of property.
  • Successful Apartment Leasing
    The author shares some tried and tested tips to ensure that apartment owners and managers are able to attract tenants to their apartments as well as keep them in the apartments for longer.
  • The Property Management Tool Kit
    The Property Management Tool Kit, provides novice and experienced property managers and property owners with information on the basic skills required for property management.
  • Real Estate Investors
    The main reason many people invest in real estate is to make money. Frank Gallinelli presents readers with a reference book to help them make wise investments in the real estate market.
  • Negotiating Office Space
    This book takes the readers through all the basics of finding and leasing office space.
  • Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Leases
    This book is ideal for business owners about to sign leases, real estate professionals involved in the drafting of lease agreements as well as landlords seeking to protect their interests in the lease agreements.
  • How to Buy and Sell Apartment Buildings
    Vollucci presents readers with a simple three step program that will enable readers to understand the market and therefore determine the best time to buy or sell property.
  • Apartment Property Management
    In this book, Kagan covers many of the issues that are being faced by property owners and real estate investors today.
  • Trump University Commercial Real Estate 101
    The book covers how to get started as an investor in commercial real estate with as little as you can afford, how to attract deals, understanding market cycles, property valuation, and how to ensure that you make a profit in the early stages of the deal.
  • Guide to Apartment House Management
    This book provides comprehensive information on the do's and don'ts of property management.
  • Apartment Property Management
    Robert Current provides tips to help you learn how best to approach difficult situations and ensure that you do not ruin the relationship that you have struggled to establish with your tenants.
  • Leasing Space for Small Businesses
    Leasing Space for Small Businesses covers all the issues that may arise as you negotiate for the best deal for office space.
  • How to Succeed in Commercial Real Estate
    The book covers the four main areas of specialty in commercial real estate including investment, retail, industrial, and office. There is also some information on specialties that are emerging in commercial real estate.
  • Move Your Office
    Move Your Office covers all issues that business owners are likely to face when they decide to relocate their businesses.
  • Preventative Maintenance for Multi-Family Housing
    Readers will learn the importance of conducting regular maintenance audits and how to conduct these audits.
  • The Canadian Real Estate Action Plan
    This book is written for both small and large investors alike. Both Peter Kinch and Don R. Campbell believe that if you want to succeed in investing in luxury, residential, commercial real estate, you must plan your investment keenly.
  • The Pre-Foreclosure Property Investor's Kit
    This investor's kit by Thomas Lucier offers readers a step by step guide to purchasing property. You will find information on searching for property and establishing if the investment will make a profit or not.
  • Guide to Practical and Profitable Renovations
    In "Renos To Riches", Ian Szabo showcases how to identify renovations and use them to turn rental properties into profitable investments.
  • How to Earn High Rates of Return
    If you are thinking of investing in real estate Tax Lien instruments, you ought to purchase this volume. A guide to investing in Tax lien instruments.
  • Millionaire Real Estate
    All the teachings and insider secrets of the housing industry are now available as part of the volume by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan, and Dave Jenkins.
  • Investing Residential Properties
    Douglas Gray has helped hundreds of thousands through his books that provide comprehensive information and effective tips in small business establishment and management as well as real estate investment.
  • What Every Real Estate Investor Needs To Know
    Make wise housing or commercial investments that are sure to draw in a good income. The author shows you how you can have fun with numbers as you invest in real estate.
  • Real Estate Investing In Canada
    Authentic Canadian Real Estate system is a breakthrough system introduced in Canada to assist everyone who desired to make a profit by investing in real estate.
  • 2 Years To A Million In Real Estate
    The author will show you how to pick a property that will rake in the profits that you are searching for, screen tenants for your property, hire reliable property managers and negotiate.